Points of View

It’s interesting how two people can have such various opinions on the same thing. Here’s an example. In my office I have a watercolor painting of the old skyscrapers of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge as seen from Brooklyn. I didn’t buy the painting, I merely claimed it for my office because it was sitting in a closet with other works of art that apparently no one wanted. I like NYC and thought that the wall looked better with the painting than as a bare wall and so I hung it up. Shortly afterwards, one partner came in and saw the painting and scoffed, “That junk has been floating around here for years”, then quickly continued to tell me something else. Around that same time, another partner came into my office and saw the painting, took a step back, and asked thoughtfully, “Wow. Where did you get that? I love this type of stuff.” I told him of how I found it in the closet while he was further examining the painting. I didn’t bother to tell him that someone else recently had called it junk, but I did find it rather amusing.


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