At The Speed of Technology

I am amazed at how quickly technology has changed in my lifetime. This past weekend I was required to come into work to complete a project that had to be finished by Monday. Part of the initial groundwork was to review documents that were finalized in the late 1990s. In my mind, the late 1990s is not that long ago, although I realize that it has been ten years. Since I have started working at my law firm, I have never once sent a fax. I have scanned the document into .pdf format, emailed it to myself from the scanner and have forwarded it on to the receiving party. In reviewing records from even less than ten years ago, faxes were often how people communicated in business. Moving documents with handwritten notes on them was not possible unless sent by fax. I can’t imagine having to deal with fax machines today at work, much less waiting for it.

Another example of how technology has rapidly changed in my lifetime is how much time people devote in front of a computer on the Internet. I clearly remember going to my dad’s office because he had Prodigy on his computer. I thought it was so cool that I could sit at the computer and view last night’s sport’s scores. Of course, the dial-up system took forever to download each page and there was little to do other than read a few news articles or check the weather around the country. Yet, I enjoyed it then. Now, however, my (our) lives are very different. If a website takes more than a few seconds to download, I’m upset. Higher Internet speeds and faster computers have made us much more impatient as a people. And we want our content for free. I can download all of my pictures for access anywhere in the world on flickr, can blog from anywhere or anytime, can check my personal email messages, buy whatever I want on amazon (one of my personal favorite websites), keep up with friends on facebook, watch video clips of almost anything imaginable, and so much more. The need for each person to have a blog, as is the trend these days, is another example. I definitely have my online life at present, as this site evidences. I didn’t have one ten years ago. Conclusion: technology is rapidly changing our lives. I will leave it up to history to determine whether that’s good or bad.


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