Hong Kong Or Not?

I have previously said that I would move to Hong Kong if the right opportunity came around. I still feel that way. Yet, I have never been to Hong Kong and do not have a trip planned in the immediate future. Tokyo, although I’ve never been there, is somewhere where I think I could do fine given my time in Osaka and Kyoto and my Japanese language ability. But I know no Cantonese, and my knowledge of Chinese culture, let alone the culture of Hong Kong specifically, is weaker than that of Japan. Hong Kong is not the banking and finance center that it once was, largely because of the increased importance of cities in the People’s Republic, but there is no doubt that it continues to play a pivotal role in Asia. And although I stand by my statement that I would move there if the right opportunity came around, I am unsure what that right opportunity would be, especially now that I have a family and am somewhat settled in New York. Would the right opportunity be the chance to be an associate in a major New York based law firm? What about with a British (magic circle) firm? With a consulting firm (like Bain)? Or maybe a global recruiting firm (like MLA)? In the near future, there are no immediate decisions I need to make regarding Hong Kong, but the more I continue to emphasize the fact that I am interested in business in East Asia, the closer the day comes when I may need to make that decision.   


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