To Seattle In Vain?

It was a year ago today that I got on a plane and flew to Seattle. After spending my third- year of law school looking for a job unsuccessfully, I decided to give my job hunting a break to study for the New York Bar Exam. After the bar exam, I picked up my job hunting again and decided finally to begin searching for jobs outside of New York City. Having grown up in Seattle, I thought that it would naturally be a good place for me to begin my career. I focused on fifteen firms in Seattle and sent resumes and cover letters via email to each firm’s respective recruiting coordinator. I explained that I would be in Seattle the second week of September and that I was interested in meeting with them to discuss job opportunities.

The truth is, however, that I hadn’t even bought plane tickets to Seattle yet and had no reason to be in Seattle the second week of September. I was testing the waters, so to speak, to see if these firms had any interest in me. I called each firm and followed up aggressively, using the same tactics that I used in hard-nosed New York, and was able to secure interviews at two of Seattle’s largest firms. Once I had the interviews, I bought my plane tickets and flew out the next day. The interviews went well and I was impressed by the people I met. I was beginning to think that moving to Seattle may not be a bad option.

While waiting at the SeaTac airport for my return flight to New York, I received a call from the firm I was waiting to hear from in New York. The firm was my first choice and I had decided before my Seattle trip that it was the best option. The call was to inform me of an offer to join the firm, which I happily accepted. I flew back to Seattle, played for a few more weeks and began work. In one year, the time has flown by, but I have learned a lot. And one day, returning to Seattle, perhaps to one of the firms that I interviewed with, may not be a bad idea after all.


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