Four Months With Hanna

Before my daughter was born, I remember a friend of mine who has two kids saying that his kids didn’t like him and he didn’t like them until they were four months. I can now say that there is something magical about four months. My daughter Hanna turned four months this past weekend and she is much more fun to be with. Her personality is showing, she is constantly laughing and smiling (except when she is crying) and daddy likes to spend time with her now. Prior to four months, she was a baby that needed to be taken care of, but could do little in return. But now, what a joy she is to have in our home. She laughs and talks and drools all day. From here on out, she’ll be daddy’s little girl. 


One Response

  1. 4 months in pretty fun, I’d have to agree. Better watch out though. Owen in starting to get an attitude now at 8 months. If he don’t want the toy you give him he now lets you know. By the way how is the nanny going?

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