24/7 All Access Assistant

I recently discovered a service in select cities in the U.S. and London that I found to be quite a good idea. After exploring the website, I kicked myself for not thinking of the idea on my own. The company is Sunday LLC and it claims that its service will boost busy people’s productivity and mobility. Essentially, you provide the team at Sunday with your contacts and personal information, including web log on and password information and they will check, confirm, follow up or investigate anything you need or want at any time on any day. If you need to know where the closest Chase ATM is in TriBeCa while you’re on the run, send an email request to Sunday from your ‘Berry and you’ll have an answer in minutes. Need to confirm a story of the deals that your friend’s buddy was boasting of at a recent event, have the dudes at Sunday look into it for you. Want reservations at a certain restaurant for a large group, need evites sent out, and want a car service to be able to provide your guests with a ride home, call Sunday. Looking for the cheapest flight or hotel reservations, want information on what to do when you arrive at your destination, and need a wake up call for every day that you’re out of town, arrange it easily with Sunday. With Sunday, anything that can be done by phone, email, or the Internet can now be personally outsourced to someone else for a cost. It’s a brilliant idea, although the business plan only caters to a certain demographic and I have no idea how the business is doing. But the idea is great. Maybe I could start something like this in Japan . . . .


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