The Japan Society, Round Three

Tonight I begin my Japanese class for this fall semester. This is the third class I have enrolled in at the Japan Society in New York. I have been impressed with the classes so far and the caliber of the professors. The two previous classes I have taken have been with the same professor, Aizawa Sensei. I enjoyed her so much that I decided to take her again even though the second class I took earlier this year was a level down from my previous Japanese class. The class that begins tonight, I’m afraid, will be a bit over my head. I enrolled in the highest level class that the Japan Society offers, the Keizai (Economic) and Business course. Given that I am interested in Japanese business, I naturally wanted to take the class in an effort to improve my vocabulary and overall language skills. But I am not sure of the background of the other students in the class and what level of Japanese I will be expected to have in comparison. While I still speak frequently and am comfortable with the language, I do not have the business and economic Japanese to compete with those at the business level. I say this not only in reference to my speaking ability, but to my reading and writing skills as well.

Part of me wanted to attend the class to network and meet the other students in the class. There is no doubt that there will be good opportunities to speak with them before and after class regarding what they do and, if appropriate, how I can be a part of it. I am a good networker and am not ashamed to admit it. In looking down the road and what I would like to do, I find that it’s a simple equation: I am not working with Japan now and I want to; if there is a chance to get closer to doing so, I am open to exploring it.

As for my class, tonight will be revealing as to how good or bad my Japanese skills really are and how far I have to go before I am at the level that I feel I want to be at. Stay tuned for my thoughts later this week. 


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