Attention Employers

Loyalty is not what it used to be. Of course, one should be loyal to his or her spouse, family and friends, but the days of continual loyalty to his or her workplace for an entire career belongs to a bygone era. When older generations refer to my generation and younger, a constant complaint seems to be that we enter the workforce feeling entitled. So what if we just graduated from college. We are ready to be tapped for our knowledge, skills, and talents. Train us well.  Ask us what we think. Use our ideas, or at least show us that they are considered. If you don’t do this, another employer will and we will be on to another job in a blink of an eye, if not starting our own companies all together. Please stay competitive with compensation and benefits and perks. It is not enough for an employer to stay on top of attracting talent. Today, it is all about retaining talent. Pure loyalty for the sake of loyalty in a career is rare for my peers and those younger than me. For some, it’s about being shown the money. For others, it’s a matter of lifestyle. And then there are those that focus on prestige and the future of the company.

All employers, whoever you are and whatever industry you’re in, listen up: With the amount of information available online (specifically blogs), you must,  now more so than ever before, find ways to attract talent and retain your star performers. Create a culture of openness and collaboration where every position counts and people can be heard. If not, we will leave you like there is no tomorrow. There is no more loyalty.


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