Hanna Days

Our little Hanna is ever changing. Not only is she laughing more, she’s eating food these days too. Two small bottom teeth have poked their way through her gums and are starting their ascent. She is rolling over both ways now as well, but only from back to front. She has yet to master rolling from front to back. That will come with time. She is getting stronger and is much better at picking things up and holding on to them. Plus, she can see better and recognizes people from a further distance. Oh the things babies learn in the first year of life. And to think that as she grows up, she’ll remember none of this. Is the failure to remember one’s first few years of life the consequence of the brain slowly developing with the rest of the body or is it more of a function of the brain’s inability to connect names to objects for purposes or memory? In any event, while Hanna may not remember what she is doing at four and a half months, mommy and daddy sure will. Here is a recent picture of Hanna in her favorite toy, the exersaucer.


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  1. hey jerry! we miss you guys! hanna is so cute…

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