Life’s Lessons

There are many reasons to get married. While some may think that marriage closes some doors to one’s personal life, it is clear that marriage opens doors as well. In marrying someone you love, for example, you make a promise to be a witness to someone’s life – to be there for every good, bad and mundane event, feeling and experience. In marrying, you make a promise that your spouse’s life will not go unnoticed because you will notice it. With all of the billions of people here on earth, would it really matter to anyone what I thought or felt or did on a daily basis? Would it even be noticed? It should to your spouse. And for better or worse, that is what marriage is. I made a promise to be with this person for all the good and the bad. It does matter what you did today, regardless of how trivial, because you can now share it with me. Love, like life, has its peaks and valleys. I sometimes envy those couples who seem madly and passionately in love all of the time. I have forgotten what that’s like. But at the end of a long day, when no one else is around to hear me, I am glad that I have someone that has promised to listen and to care. I hope she knows that she always has me.


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