Groups of Friends

Having lived in several different places at different phases in my life, I have made a good number of friends from all walks of life. Of course, there are the good friends I had in my youth and through high school, guys that I will never forget and will always cherish our memories with. Then there is the group of close friends I made while in Japan, living in close quarters together, forced to work and share our lives together, even if we didn’t always want to. Once I left Japan, I found myself surrounded by a large group of international friends while I was in college. We shared our academic struggles and triumphs, dreams and frustrations. But, inevitably came graduation, and before I knew it, life moved on. My next group of friends while in law school was a diverse and rowdy bunch, eager to graduate and begin their careers. The numerous hours spent with them were necessary during the grueling three years of law school. Now I have my work friends, and although we spend almost no time out of the office together, I am amazed at how well we know each other, for better or for worse.

From Seattle to Japan to Hawaii to New York, I have spent a lot of time with many types of people. Many people have come and gone in my life, but my friends have stayed (at least in my contacts list). Thanks to email and social networking, it is now easier than ever to stay in touch with people. Yet, there is still nothing like personal attention. I have learned that after years of not seeing each other, it is amazing what one personal phone call can do. Two weeks ago, one of the guys from what I would consider my college group of friends contacted me out of the blue and asked if he could come stay with me while he interviewed in New York. Of course, I told him. After all, he is a friend, although our current lives don’t bring us into contact with each other like they used to. And so it is. People come and go, but friends will always be there. 

Lastly, I must mention a special friend I met along my journey. In the midst of all of the moving that has brought me for now to New York, I met my best friend, and within a short time we were married and will remain with each other forever. Thanks for always being there, Honey, even as others have come and gone.


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