L.B.I., NJ

My absence in the past few days was due to a short trip I took with my family. We went to the New Jersey shore to stay at a beach house of one of my wife’s colleagues. We embarked to Long Beach Island, New Jersey with no plans other than to relax and to enjoy ourselves. We were successful. While I realize that this is not the time of year to spend on the beach, we had little choice as this past summer was hectic, just like the last many years of our lives. It was our little Hanna’s first trip to the beach, but it will definitely not be her last. We spent our time sleeping in, going on walks, eating out and reading. It was nice, but I admittedly was ready to get back to New York. I was out of the office for only three days, but I hard a hard time not thinking of the increasing list of things to do when I returned, a situation not helped by the fact that I was able to monitor my email while away. I tried to focus on my family and enjoy the time we had with them, and I did, but I have a hard time being away for too long and three days starts to get too long for me. I am a man of routines and to embark on a trip with no plans other than to try to relax knowing that I will be out of my usual daily routine was hard for me. I think it came across that way too and my wife realized that I was happy to get on the train in the morning and go back to work with little more than a vague idea of what time I would return in the late evening.

And yet, we are now in the process of planning a much longer vacation sometime next year. I am excited, but know that it will be hard for me to get away. As much as I claim to enjoy traveling, I don’t mind my daily life most of the time, as hectic as it sometimes may be.  


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