Where the World Comes to Run

As you may know, yesterday was the annual New York City Marathon – the 26.2 mile race that winds its way through all five boroughs before ending in Central Park. The total number of participants this year was close to 39,000 people representing 100 countries. In fact, half of the runners were from outside of the United States. On Saturday morning I had the chance to be in the City. As I was walking from Grand Central uptown to my destination I constantly was passed by groups of runners out for a morning jog the day before the main event. I saw runners from France, Italy, Holland, Japan and other countries, all of whom proudly displayed their national flags to indicate where they were from. The men’s winner this year was from Kenya with a stunning time of 2:09:04. Unbelievable.

During the race yesterday I was amazed to learn of one man’s story to run 63 marathons in 63 days (yes, you read that correctly; click here for article). I would be happy if I could say I completed one marathon in my life, let alone over 60 in about two months. On my list of things to do in my life before I die, completing a marathon is one of them. Yet, I have no future plans to train or prepare for one anytime soon. I included it on the list because it seems like a good idea and a goal that many successful people have or have fulfilled. I need a reason to run, like a charity or cause that I feel strongly for. With some time to prepare and the ability to walk and take a break (I’m not the best distance runner), I am sure that I could run a marathon. I just need to commit to do it. If I started now, maybe I could complete New York City next year? I’m going to seriously think about it and will let you know.


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  1. well, mike would be a good person to talk to if you need ideas for training. his dream job would be as a trainer to help people learn how to prep for a marathon or beat their best time. jot him down as a contact for when you are ready to commit. and good luck! it’s a daunting goal i have not put on my list.

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