There are four questions on my mind. First, Do I wake up every morning and want to go to work? In other words, am I going through the motions or do I feel like I am involved in meaningful work? Secondly, do I enjoy the people that I work with or do they bug me? Next, does my work help me fulfill my personal mission and goals? Alternatively, does it suit me and compliment me or does it weigh me down and prevent me from doing what I really want to do? Lastly, can I picture myself doing this work in one year, as that is the time it often takes to gain another meaningful job in the same salary range?

I will leave these questions answerless for now, but will mention that in thinking of all of this, the fifth question naturally becomes: What do I do about the above questions? In short, are my interests merging with the reality of my current situation, and if not, so what? Again, decisions, decisions.


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