HDTV Nation

Last Thursday morning, as I was trying to turn on CNBC before catching the train to work, our television unexpectedly died. We had bought it used over three years ago, and it was an RCA (perhaps this explains it all), but otherwise it should have worked for years to come. I tinkered with it that evening to discover what I could short of taking the whole thing apart and could not find any reason why it stopped working all of a sudden. Oh well, I told my wife, I guess we’ll just have to get a new TV. While she is not one to watch much TV, she recognized the value of having at least one working television in the house in the event that she actually wanted to watch something, and agreed with me.

On Saturday afternoon, after some online research on Friday and a quick trip to Best Buy, we bought a new 32 inch HDTV. I installed everything on Saturday and am amazed at the clarity when compared to our prior television. I caught some football last night and was jumping back between non-HD NBC and NBCHD. I think my wife was even impressed at the difference. And so, yes, after of watching regular television and seeing friends all buy new TVs to keep with with each other, we finally joined the crowd. The best part was that it wasn’t even a strugggle to convince my wife. Thank goodness for dying TVs.  

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  1. My wife bought our tv and dvd player before we got married. I keep hoping for one of them to die so we can make the upgrade to an HDTV and something other than a 1st generation DVD player but they just won’t die. I guess I should be greatful. I have a friend who’s dad minored in TV repair in college and his dad would always fix their TV if it broke. They had the same TV almost there entire childhood.

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