There are four questions on my mind. First, Do I wake up every morning and want to go to work? In other words, am I going through the motions or do I feel like I am involved in meaningful work? Secondly, do I enjoy the people that I work with or do they bug me? Next, does my work help me fulfill my personal mission and goals? Alternatively, does it suit me and compliment me or does it weigh me down and prevent me from doing what I really want to do? Lastly, can I picture myself doing this work in one year, as that is the time it often takes to gain another meaningful job in the same salary range?

I will leave these questions answerless for now, but will mention that in thinking of all of this, the fifth question naturally becomes: What do I do about the above questions? In short, are my interests merging with the reality of my current situation, and if not, so what? Again, decisions, decisions.

Hanna & Piggy

Our little Hanna is still growing each day. She is also developing quite the personality – for a six month old, at least. It’s amazing to think that my wife and I created her but that she is taking on a life of her own, one that may neither be like mine or my wife’s. She now knows both mommy and daddy well and is not always happy to go to just anyone, which could be problematic in the months and years to come. I am happy to say, however, that she is getting cuter with each month. Here she is with her piggy. Does she still look a lot like me?    

Where the World Comes to Run

As you may know, yesterday was the annual New York City Marathon – the 26.2 mile race that winds its way through all five boroughs before ending in Central Park. The total number of participants this year was close to 39,000 people representing 100 countries. In fact, half of the runners were from outside of the United States. On Saturday morning I had the chance to be in the City. As I was walking from Grand Central uptown to my destination I constantly was passed by groups of runners out for a morning jog the day before the main event. I saw runners from France, Italy, Holland, Japan and other countries, all of whom proudly displayed their national flags to indicate where they were from. The men’s winner this year was from Kenya with a stunning time of 2:09:04. Unbelievable.

During the race yesterday I was amazed to learn of one man’s story to run 63 marathons in 63 days (yes, you read that correctly; click here for article). I would be happy if I could say I completed one marathon in my life, let alone over 60 in about two months. On my list of things to do in my life before I die, completing a marathon is one of them. Yet, I have no future plans to train or prepare for one anytime soon. I included it on the list because it seems like a good idea and a goal that many successful people have or have fulfilled. I need a reason to run, like a charity or cause that I feel strongly for. With some time to prepare and the ability to walk and take a break (I’m not the best distance runner), I am sure that I could run a marathon. I just need to commit to do it. If I started now, maybe I could complete New York City next year? I’m going to seriously think about it and will let you know.

One Year Anniversary

I have been blogging now for exactly one year. This post that you’re reading is post number 140. This means that, on average, I posted some thought, story, or experience at least once every third day for the past year. I’m impressed with myself, given that the majority of people who have blogs neglect them soon after establishing them. No, I am not getting paid to write. No, I do not have too many readers out there that I know of. And no, I am not hoping that this blog leads to bigger things. I am just a guy who likes to write and somehow finds the time to do it about three times a week.

For the few people that do regularly read my posts, I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve had to say so far, even if you don’t always agree. I also hope that you keep coming back, as I plan to continue writing throughout this next twelve-month span. I have a running list of topics to write about and find myself adding to the list constantly. In the middle of the day I’ll have a thought and think, “I need to blog about that.” If there is a topic that you would like me to explore on this site or if you are curious as to my thoughts regarding a specific topic, leave a post or send me an email at and I’ll find a way to respond. If nothing else, this has been a good year for me and thanks to Sound to Sound, it’s available for all the world to see.

Kicking Myself

For those who read my previous post last week regarding selling my MICC stock for a profit, I’m now officially kicking myself. Although I can’t complain at the money I made, I thought that I sold near the stock’s peak and that the short sellers would come in and drive the stock down. I was wrong. MICC closed today above $117.00. That is a lot more money I could have made. But such is the game of the stock market, I guess. Oh well. Let’s hope that VDSI, another holding of mine does well for me.