The World in Dubai

There are some pretty ambitious people in Dubai right now trying to change the face of luxury and how we live in the future. Not only will Dubai soon be the site of the tallest building in the world when the Burj Dubai is completed, it will also be the home of The World. Similar to the Palm Islands, The World is a group of more than 300 man-made islands in the Gulf that, when viewed from above, portray each of the major continents of the earth. Each island is for sale and the owner of an island or group of islands will be able to develop the property however it chooses. Examples range from creating an Irish themed island on the island located where Ireland is situated in the actual world to creating a Thai themed island where Thailand is situated. Surrounding The World is a man-made rock wall to protect the islands from the open sea with strategic openings placed to allow water and marine life to flow in and out of The World. As you could imagine, constructing a whole new luxury city from scratch across many different islands can be expensive and the project has years to go before its completion. It’s a big gamble for wealthy investors sold on seeing the project through, even by Dubai standards. But it’s a gamble that could turn out well for those that have put money in so far. If completed as planned, The World will become not only a playground for the wealthy, but a once in a lifetime trip for all who visit. It’s no wonder why Dubai is on my list of must visit places before I die.


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  1. I heard that Brad and Angelina have purchased the Ethepoia island at The World to highlight their stance on world poverty – so not only is it an amazing place to purchase real estate, but a way to make a political statement! Do you have any plans to visit any time soon?

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