On this day eleven years ago, December 19, 1996, I had surgery to remove a benign bone tumor from my upper right arm. My wife, being the doctor that she is, wanted to know exactly what this so-called tumor was, especially now that we have a child of our own, as I did not know her eleven years ago. I had no idea what to tell her. What I did have, however, were x-rays taken prior to the surgery that she was able to bring in to the radiologist that she was working with at the time. They both agreed that the diagnosis was an osteochondroma, a type of benign tumor that consists of cartilage and bone that usually occurs near the end of a long bone.

I am happy to say that the orthopedic surgeons that removed the growth in my arm did a great job as I have not had any pain or problems since the surgery eleven years ago. All I am left with is a long scar running down the side of my right arm, a scar that has been the source of numerous stories to various people over the years, few of which involve having a bone tumor removed. My surgery was performed at the University of Washington Medical Center and I am thankful for the doctors (whose names I don’t even remember) that successfully did what they were trained to do. Losing my arm or any function of it would have changed my life forever, an obstacle that I no longer face. Thank you modern medicine.


2 Responses

  1. good to know that the “scar” on the right arm wasn’t a dermatologic removal of something reminiscent of what is found on the left arm! 🙂 lol. if you guys aren’t busy on christmas eve – come to the live nativity on 5th and 90th with us! talk to you soon!

  2. Five bones!

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