What I Have Read

I read 44 books this year. I know because I have written a book review on amazon.com of each book that I completed. There were a few books that I started and then failed to finish due to losing interest, but every book I finished I wrote a review for. I currently have 146 reviews on amazon, 44 of which came from books completed this year. In looking at the list of books (accessible here) I read everything from biographies and memoirs to motivational and self-help books to fast-paced fiction to investment and business books to history. All of this reading was in addition to the numerous magazine and newspaper articles I found myself constantly reading. 

In the past I have been known to say that I have a hard time respecting people that don’t read on their own. It may sound harsh, but I stand by that opinion. All great leaders and thinkers are voracious readers. There are almost no exceptions that I know of. What one reads is up to him or her, but educating oneself should be a lifelong and enjoyable process.

While I do keep my ongoing list of book reviews, I am far from this guy, keeping a list of everything he has read since 1974. His current list of books read is now at 2153 and is quite impressive, especially given that he adds almost another book each week. Who knows if I’ll ever reach that number, but I will keep reading, not for any record, but for my own enjoyment’s sake.  


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