New Year’s Eves of Years Gone By

In remembering the New Year’s Eves of my past, I smile at the great moments I’ve shared with friends and family bringing in the new year. There was the night I stayed up until the sun came up with friends playing cards and listening to music; the two New Year’s Eves I spent in Japan, hearing nothing but the bell of the Buddhist temple bringing in the new year; the night I spent with my family in Sacramento; the nights spent with friends attending dances and lighting fireworks; the night I spent walking along the beach and watching fireworks over the Pacific Ocean from Waikiki with my wife; the night I spent at a Samoan/Tongan celebration in San Francisco; the uneventful night I played video games with a few friends; and the nights growing up when, at the stroke of midnight, we would run outside and bang on pots and pans and yell Happy New Year. Tonight I have another chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. I have never been the life of the party on New Year’s Eve or any other night of the year, but I have had some great times on December 31st . Tonight will be no exception.


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