2008 Goals

In retrospect, there are many ways I could live better in 2008 than I did in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, 2007 was a good year for me, but I could do more. Every year since at least 2000 I remember sitting down and writing out goals for the year. I have always had a long-term plan in mind as to where I wanted to be in the next two to three years. The reality is, however, that the goals I make each year tend to be similar year after year, as it is often the same aspects of my life that I wish to improve on. 2007 was the exception. Last January I made no goals. I had in mind what needed to be done and what I needed to accomplish, but I did not take the time to write them down and realistically formulate them as I have done in years past. Perhaps this is why I now look back at 2007 as the year I could have done better.

In thinking about the upcoming year, I know I must do better. I intend to have goals that cover all aspects of my life: personal, physical, spiritual, professional and family. I want to create a personal mission statement for each area and try this year to actually improve as opposed to the past where I have sometimes believed in my goals in concept but have done little to achieve them. 2008 could be another big year for me in many ways and, while life cannot always be planned, I, for the most part, control my own destiny. Make it happen.


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