Running From The Law?

I’m not sure we as a country can stomach eleven more months of this type of aggressive campaigning and media frenzy. The fighting going on now between potential candidates is all occurring within the same party. Just wait until the two front runners emerge in the coming weeks and begin attacking the opposing party. I agree with many people – this is a crucial time for our country, but I have no idea who the next president will be. I have not even fully committed to one candidate yet. All I know is that I have never seen a presidential campaign like this in my lifetime and it is exciting, if not excruciating to watch.

Of the several candidates still in the running, is it any wonder that many of the presidential hopefuls are lawyers. Just look at this article published today recounting the declining professions of lawyers and doctors. As a lawyer married to a doctor, I have the chance to see firsthand through my own life and the lives of friends and colleagues how dismal the state of these two professions can be at times. Rather than rant on this blog, I’ll suffice it to say that the state of the two professions is not what it used to be. Politics may not be for everybody, but the candidates must agree that it’s better practicing law. The article states that forty-four percent of lawyers would not recommend the profession to a young person. This may be because, to quote a friend, the practice of law requires that one “reverse engineer an answer out of precedent” instead of learning to think for themselves and problem solve, a necessary skill in business. The use of precedent holds true in the transactional world also, as I don’t know how many times I have heard in response to my inquiry why, “Well, that is how it was done last time.” It’s not a compelling answer and years of practicing law often does not lead to critical thinking and problem solving skills. Lawyer or not, let’s just hope that whoever our next president is has the skills necessary to lead the country.


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