Big Brother No More

Since October I have been participating in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program organized through my employer as part of the pro bono program. Prior to the program starting for this academic year, I was interviewed at length and was accepted into the program as a “Big”. I was then matched with a “Little” at a middle school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I liked my Little and thought he was a bright kid. He also made me laugh a lot. The program brought the Littles to my office after school twice a month for group and individual activities. Part of our role is to help the kids become accustomed to an office setting as well as showing them what it is we do each day. Of course, our role in helping instilling confidence and maturity in these kids at their age goes without saying.

My Little and I were getting along fine and I was learning more and more about him with each session. But yesterday I received a call from the social worker that oversees our program with the news that my Little’s mother pulled him out of the middle school and put him into a new school in Queens. Because the program only works with the schools and not the individual kids, he is no longer eligible for the program. From what I can gather, social or academic reasons do not appear to be why his mother pulled him from his school. Instead, it seems to be reasons related to his family. I hope he’s okay and can adjust to the new environment – a change of schools in the middle of the school year is always difficult. I am going to find out more about the situation, but the reality is that I may never see him again. I wish him well and all the best in his life. It was fun while it lasted.


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  1. That time you two spent together, will be remembered by both of you for the rest of your lives. For your “Little” though, they will be a little more special. For those times when he was with you, he was able to see that people live at a higher level than he is used to. Hopefully it has enough of an impact on him to want that life when he is able to control his destiny.

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