Walking Hanna

Our little Hanna is not as little as she used to be. Soon she’ll be nine months old. Her favorite activity is to walk with the help of mom or dad. We hold her by her hands and she knows how to take steps to go somewhere. Interestingly, she seems to have no desire to crawl and may skip over the whole crawling phase and go straight to walking in the next few months. At some point, she’ll figure crawling out, but for now I’m still glad that I don’t yet have to rearrange our apartment.

Her fine motor skills have also improved quite a bit in the past while and she is quite good (and patient) at picking up the food and toys that she wants when she wants them. Her many teeth allow her to eat food that she would otherwise have to wait until she was older to eat. She has also figured out that if she cries long enough, someone will usually go and get her (usually mom). She is a cute kid and I look forward to seeing what more she can do in the coming months and years.


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