Sakura Sensei

We were without cable television for the first year and a half that we lived in New York. I don’t recommend it. We picked up very few channels with the bunny-ears antenna that we had and what we could watch was not clear. The whole experience was far from the HDTV viewing pleasure that I now indulge in more than I should. One of the few channels that we did have was the local broadcasting station. As it turned out, each Sunday night at 11:00 p.m., the local New York station would air a Japanese drama, complete with English subtitles. I came across it and was soon hooked to a drama called “Sakura.” The drama was about a Japanese-American raised in Hawaii who decides to go to the Japanese countryside to teach English for a year and learn more about her roots. The show tackles many of the difficulties that foreigners encounter in Japan. Elizabeth Sakura Matsushita was the name of the main character and the show centered on her relationships and experiences in Japan. It was a fun show to watch, especially for someone who has lived as a foreigner in both Japan and Hawaii. I wish I could find copies of Sakura to watch today. Another one of my favorite Japanese dramas (or J-Dorama) is Tokyo Love Story. Although it seems a bit old by today’s standards (the show aired in 1991), the story is great and, for me at least, hits close to home.


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