Ticker-Tape Madness

February 5, 2008. What a day. In almost half of the country, today is Super Tuesday, the closest thing we have to a national election without the Electoral College interfering. In New Orleans, today is the peak of Mardi Gras. And here in New York, it’s the Giants Super Bowl Ticker-Tape Parade. This is my first time ever living in a city during a major sports team championship. As it turns out, my office is in the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan where the parade is scheduled to take place. As I got off the subway this morning, it was pure madness. An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 people are expected to line the streets in lower Manhattan to watch the New York Giants roll by. Many of them were out in full red-and-blue force by 9:00 a.m. to get a good spot on Broadway. I was sure to wear a blue shirt and red tie this morning and was allowed to pass on the street in front of the barricades to get to work because the sidewalks were jammed pack with anxious spectators. As I was walking by, people were eager to yell at something. One guy put out his hand and I returned the favor, giving him a high five. That part of the crowd erupted and a chant, I think aimed at me, started, “Average Guy! Average Guy! Average Guy!”  I couldn’t help but laugh and think, only in New York.

I spent the morning in the office and went down to the parade at 11:00 a.m. I wanted to stop by the parade only because I saw it as a once in a lifetime experience and not because I’m a huge Giants fan. I have to admit, it was incredible. The confetti, rolls of toilet paper, the screaming fans. It was quite a site. I even saw Eli and the Super Bowl trophy. The players were loving every minute of it. And who can blame them. This is why they play football. This feeling will carry them through next year. It definitely was a once in a lifetime experience.


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  1. The Giants play in New Jeresey though… I thought the city said they would not have a parade in New York if the Giants some how managed to win?!?!?!

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