Internet Phenomena

There are times I feel that if I have been exposed to something, most people have seen or heard of it as well, especially those people around my same age. As it turns out, most people I seem to talk don’t know what I am talking about. Internet phenomena, for example, come to mind as an illustration of this problem. I’ve casually mentioned to people before the idea of Lolcats, thinking that they should know what I am referring to. They don’t. Never heard of it, they tell me. When that’s the case, trying to explain to someone the idea of a picture of a cat with text speak written on the picture is a bit absurd and I am the one that comes out looking like the odd one. What’s the use of inviting people over to your place and having your cat approach them as I say, “I can has cheezburger?” if no one is going to understand what I am talking about. Another example from the wide world of Internet phenomena is the idea of pwnage. I’m not a gamer (where pwn is said to have started), but I get what it is and how to use it. But again, it’s no fun to use if no one gets what I’m referring to. As a final example, one of the funniest fads I have come across online a while back (and assumed most people had too at some point) revolved around the action star Chuck Norris and his incredible skills and abilities. Yet, most people I know have never heard of Chuck Norris Facts and probably think that I spend countless hours surfing the web looking for mindless content, which is not the case.

Like Internet phenomena (which, by the way is a technical term) before it, Lolcats, pwn and Chuck Norris Facts too will one day die down and be replaced with something else. Whatever it is, I’ll come across it at some point. I wish I could say the same for most other people I knew.


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