Don’t Call it Hiking

It has often been said that I do not enjoy hiking. The idea of driving somewhere to get out of the car and hike uphill in the woods, hang out and then turn around and come back to the car is not the most exciting day to me. So yes, it is correct to say that I do not enjoy hiking, in the traditional sense, that is. But please do not say that I do not enjoy walking, especially when such walking occurs in a densely urban area. I have gotten by through much of my adult life without a car and prefer to walk and take public transportation when I can. There are times when a car is convenient, to be sure, but if I have the time I prefer to walk. In a book I read recently I came across a reference to a local group that has been walking around the island of Manhattan for several years. The first Saturday of May each year a group called Shorewalkers sets out from the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan and walks around the entire island – all 32 miles. This year, on May 3rd, I intend to join them. I have walked much of Manhattan, but I have not attempted to walk as close to the shore as possible for the entire length of the island, especially not in the northern areas of Manhattan. For the most part, I, like most people, forget that Manhattan is even an island. But I look forward to the journey and for seeing areas I have yet to explore. If you’re interested in joining me and many others on the walk, visit the website here.


2 Responses

  1. Are you going to use trekking poles?!?!?!

    I always thought the urban “hiker” with trekking poles was quite entertaining.

  2. hey, i’m off that weekend (and it’s the start of my vacation). we’ll definitely go! 🙂 we’ll give you a call.

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