One Shining Moment

March Madness is upon us again. I believe that this is the best tournament in all of sports. Your guess as to who will win the championship in a few weeks is as good as mine. And that’s why it’s so great. My first memories of watching this tournament go back to sixth grade and I have been following it each year since. The championship game is always played the Monday night after the Final Four weekend and is often one of the best sports spectacles of the entire year. Yet, one of my favorite parts of the whole tournament is after the Monday night championship game. Once a champion has been crowned and the nets have been cut down and the credits run, CBS plays One Shining Moment, a song written for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. During the inspirational song, CBS shows the highs and the lows of the entire tournament, starting with the games played during the first round of the tournament and ending with the championship game that just finished that night. Watching it each year almost brings a tear to my eye. If you haven’t seen it, stay up for it this year. It starts about thirty minutes after the ending of the final game, but it’s worth waiting for. Watch the 2007 One Shining Moment here.


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