Everyday Thoughts

It may sound odd, but I write in my journal everyday. In fact, I have kept two separate journals since roughly the spring of 1995. Over the years it has became a strong habit that I am wary of breaking. Each day, prior to going to bed, I sit down for a few minutes and write my actions, thoughts and the events of the day. I do this regardless of how mundane or boring the day was. At certain points in my life the days and weeks seem to be the same, for how much does each day differ for most people in school or at work. Reoccurring events are what make up life, even if they make it mold together at the same time. But the history I am recording in my journals is priceless. Once in a while I like to pick up an old journal, from say, 2002, and take a trip back into my previous life as I flip through the pages. What I have written down brings back memories of people, places and events that I did not write down but were a part of my life at that time. As I do so, I recall the highs and lows of life and am able to see how much I’ve learned, grown and progressed in life.

The second journal I keep I write in much less frequently. I only get to it a few times a month, but it is where I am able to be much more elaborate with my thoughts and feelings. My second journal is much more personal to me and the several volumes I have contain hundreds of pages of my thoughts going back at least ten years. By keeping a journal I realize that I have the power to alter history and to possibly shape how my descendants will remember me. I am honest in my writings, but I am aware of the saying that one should never write down what he does not want discovered. As much as I enjoy writing, there are some things that I wish to keep truly to myself.


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