Blogging to Write

There is nothing more annoying than checking a blog and finding that the most recent post was six months ago or more. Like anything else, one must write to maintain his or her writing skills. Since the life of a corporate lawyer does not provide as many opportunities to write as a litigator (except for the occasional email that must be crafted perfectly), I have turned to the world of blogging to express myself and to force myself to write. Knowing that there are people that may read what I write forces me to review and edit my posts prior to posting them. Blogging also provides me a forum to digitally put pen to paper as I recall memories, explain ideas, reveal frustrations and point out the enjoyable moments in life. In short, I write for no one but myself. But the point is that I write, even on the days I can think of nothing else to write about (like today, if you haven’t guessed yet).


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