Doing it Right the First Time

A year ago my wife and I were trying to agree on what we would name our first child. We chose a name for her and think we made the right choice. Now, twelve months later, I am trying to agree on the right name for another baby of mine, my first company. Who would have thought that I would be entrepreneurial? I was the one that had always wanted to work at the large established company (although a personal goal of mine is to one day work at an institution that people have heard of rather than one that that I have to explain who we are and what we do). But for now, I am enjoying the process of strategic thinking with a good friend as we brainstorm our LLC name, company slogan, the service we’ll provide, the market we’ll target and the best formation and approach to take in the crucial early stages. Sure, we know that most start-ups fail and/or lose money. But for the right people, failing can be a valuable experience. That is the attitude we have, for success only comes to those willing to take risks. A risk-averse life is a boring life, and with the right planning and knowledge, the risks can be substantially mitigated if not turned into stepping stones to later success. 


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