Chasing Japan

For three years in law school I toyed with the idea of spending one semester in Tokyo at the Temple Japan Law Program, a specialized study abroad program through Temple University in Philadelphia. I requested the application more than once. I personally reached out to the director of the program and made sure I met him when he was in New York promoting the program. I spoke with others who had spent a semester in Tokyo at the program. I wanted to do it, but it never worked out. I never even sent in the application. There were other matters to considers, such as my family. As such, I couldn’t just pick up and move to Tokyo for a semester.

But what if I could have? What would I be doing now? Would I be any happier as an attorney? Would I be happy with my law firm, whether it is in the U.S. or Japan? How much better would I speak Japanese, if at all? I can’t help but ask these questions since moving to Japan to pursue a career has been in the back of my mind for the last eight years. And for eight years, I have made decisions that I have benefited from, notwithstanding the fact that I am not any closer to fulfilling an aspiration than I was a few years ago. Did the decision to not wholeheartedly pursue the Temple Japan Program lead me down a road in which finding my way back would be extremely difficult. Time will tell what is in store for me, but I can’t often help but wonder where Temple Japan would have taken me.


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