No Risk, No Reward

No risk, no reward. That’s the idea behind many of life’s decisions at home and in the boardroom. But how much risk is prudent? Should a steady job and paycheck be given up in the pursuit of one’s own interests and desires? Should a family be asked to sacrifice because of a potential opportunity that may or may not work out? These thoughts are on my mind as I look down the road at what may be. Unsatisfied with my current position in the business world and where it will inevitably lead should I choose to stay on track, I am thinking of making a radical change. But I have second thoughts. Would it be the best move, the best timing? Potentially, it could be an exciting and intelligent move into a field that is largely untapped and has tremendous room to grow. Yet, timing is critical. Whatever potential exists, it will take some time to cultivate the fruits of our labors. As such, I am in no rush to quit my day job. But the internal nagging remains each day as I sit in my workplace and know that there must be more to how we approach the business of our business. Why can’t anyone else here recognize this? The status quo is a one way road to nowhere. To me, the writing is one the wall and has caused me to think differently. The next several weeks will be the testing ground to determine if I am ready and willing to leave what is steady and accepted and commit to, just perhaps, one of the smartest moves I’ll ever make.

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