It’s Our Anniversary

Today is our four-year wedding anniversary. On this day in 2004 my wife and I married and two days later began the long drive east to New York. Everything we owned was in the yellow Penske truck that we drove, including the aging Toyota Corolla that we pulled behind us. We knew no one in New York, had no idea what the future would bring and made a leap of faith into the unknown. Now, four years later, I have lived in New York longer than anywhere else in my life other than where I grew up. My wife and I have established roots here in New York and have made some good friends. We have each completed our education and training and we have a beautiful daughter born in New York one year ago (the original due date was on our anniversary, but she was born a few days early and just turned one year old this past weekend). It’s hard to see our lives going any smoother than what we have experienced. The bumps along the road have been manageable and we can see the light at the end of the New York tunnel. Eventually, we will pack up our things and move on, perhaps making the same drive we did four years ago but in the opposite direction. But until then, we will continue to enjoy New York and each other. Thanks for the great four years, Honey. Happy Anniversary!

One Response

  1. happy anniversary to our dear friends! 🙂 (and happy birthday hanna!) we cherish your friendships. cheers to more ny(c) fun!

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