San Diego Vacation

Last week we made what was our first and what may be our last vacation of 2008. We finally had the chance to take a few days off and relax and spend time with family. We went to San Diego where we rented a condo on Imperial Beach, just south of the city limits. We split the condo three ways among us siblings and went grocery shopping at the local supermarket to prevent the need to go out and eat each meal. We spent a few days on the beach and enjoyed the Pacific Ocean. We spent a day at Sea World and saw all of the shows and exhibits. We played games until the late hours of the night, talked and laughed and ate good food. We swam and relaxed in the hot tub in the summer weather. The atmosphere was vacation-like and the company was perfect.

If I could go back to San Diego with more time, the only thing I would do is actually see San Diego. To be honest, the central business district was not as pretty as I had imagined. Yet, it is unfair for me to pass final judgment until I actually see more. My sense of San Diego, however, is that while it is a large city by U.S. standards, it is also primarily a regional city. From a business or financial perspective, it is definitely not Los Angeles or San Francisco. The economy is much more regional and insular and is driven by the bio-tech and other new technology industries. Consequently, I am not sure it will be an area I will look to when the time comes for me to consider moving my career elsewhere. I would return again to the condominium complex I just vacationed at, and I would do so with the hopes of spending more time in the actual city instead of the beach. But my outlook at this point is that San Diego is not in my future other than for another vacation.


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