Moving On

I have reached that point in the past few days when you are ready to just move on. A decision has been made and the rest is just a matter of time. I am ready to leave New York and, provided I can find a job worth moving for, could go wherever I wanted. I can now say that I have lived in New York longer than anywhere else other than where I grew up. I have moved around a lot since 1997 and staying somewhere for four years is a long time for me, regardless of how quickly the time here has passed. But I have had my fun in New York and it is time to move on, personally and professionally. Sure, I’ll miss New York and always will because other large cities in this country are just not the same. The question on my mind, however, is where do we go from here? I am more open than I used to be, but that does not mean I would pick up and move just anywhere. Plus, we are in one of the worst job markets in the past many decades and finding a job may not be such a walk in the park, even with a New York resume. The top cities on my list, believe it or not, are Seattle, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco. Maybe in that order. I can’t help but think that after living in New York for four years, housing prices everywhere else seems like a steal, as if we are somehow cheating, especially given the recent decline in housing markets across the country. If you could move anywhere, where would you go?


One Response

  1. really? leave the great New York City area? you don’t want to live in a 2×2 and pay for a home that costs the same as feeding a entire small country? seriously, though, we’d miss you guys – so that means we have to get together more often…

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