Gmail vs. Hotmail

When Google’s Gmail debuted in 2004 I remember receiving several emails from friends and contacts informing me that their email address had changed to such-and-such at gmail dot com. I never changed my primary email address and continued using the Hotmail account I had grown accustomed to. Looking back, I should have made the change. Instead, I have been loyal to Hotmail, much to some recent frustration. I created my first Hotmail account in 2000 and created another one with a more formal email address in 2003. Most of my contacts have my latter Hotmail account and it has served me well over the years, so much so that to make a global change now would just be a pain.

Since last summer, however, I have been the proud owner of a gmail account and have been pleased with its features. Google’s openness allows one to check gmail on almost any device. I can check my Hotmail on my cell phone, but not my BlackBerry, which is inconvenient. Hotmail’s latest version runs slow on any computer and must be constantly refreshed to receive emails. Gmail, on the other hand, allows one to see messages in real time and groups messages together by subject to minimize cluttering inboxes. Gmail’s chat feature is also a great addition to a web-based email service. I have been using my Gmail account more and more recently and perhaps in time I can transition my main contacts to reach me at gmail dot com, but my hesitation in changing my email address years earlier means that I will be checking Hotmail for years to come.


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