An Interest in Spatial Design

One of my interests in which I have absolutely no training and hardly any knowledge of is architecture. Architectural Record and Architectural Digest are always on my must read list of monthly magazines. Each magazine has a different focus, but both are worth browsing through each month to see the best in man-made design and use of space. My interest in architecture and construction design is not new, but it is an interest I do little with other than try to follow what is being built and where. I am fascinated by today’s architects and the cities and public spaces they are building, how such buildings blend in to the surrounding environment and how people use them. The buildings, parks and public spaces that are being constructed in today’s cities around the globe are better and more functional than ever before. If I could, I would travel the globe visiting city after city seeking the architecturally best the world’s cities could offer.

My wife, on the other hand, loves nature and enjoys being surrounded by the great outdoors. As such, we often disagree on where to spend our spare time and where our next vacation should be. Instead of my grand idea of visiting the world’s cities, she much rather visit the mountains, lakes and trails of Mother Nature, arguably the greatest architect ever. And so we try to compromise, but for the most part, I am left to the magazines in the library and bookstores to explore my interest of the cutting-edge of architecture and spatial design.


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