This post is my 200th blog post since I started writing Sound to Sound under two years ago. I reached 100 posts early last August, meaning that I write roughly ten posts a month. While the frequency of my writing has slowed down the past few months, I am pleased that I have hit the 200-post milestone, especially given that the majority of the world’s blogs are inactive for months at a time. Once I committed to posting frequently on my blog I found that writing ideas often came when I would least expect them to. I’ll find myself somewhere in New York City, at home late at night or even reading a book on the train and all of a sudden an idea emerges or I recall a memory and think, I need to blog about this. When ideas come I send myself an email from my BB with the fleeting thoughts for further exploration later. Such has been the genesis of many of my previous 199 posts. It’s true that some days there is not much to write about and other days I don’t have the time, but I have hardly gone a week without posting something, even if I have forced myself to. As I’ve mentioned on here before, working as a corporate lawyer does not often present the opportunity to write creatively. Fortunately, whether I have any loyal readers or not, my blog does.


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  1. Don’t you worry!!! I read it (well skim it) religiously (when I have the time) since I came across it…

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