On Balance

It seems there are two different people in this world when it comes to work. There are those that love what they do and spend almost all day doing it. And there are those that treat work as merely a job and the rest of their time is what they live for. Which begs the question: how much focus should be on one’s career? For some, a career is a sense of accomplishment and pride, and perhaps rightly so. For others, it’s merely a paycheck and something to do to keep the lights on while pursuing his or her real dreams and goals. And maybe there are plenty of people in the middle. But as someone focused on his career and wanting to gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from what I do, how much is too much? If my work ever becomes detrimental to my family, shouldn’t that be enough to make a change? Yet, many “professional careers” (medicine, law, finance) expect you to work to the point where it is detrimental to family (not to mention health, hobbies, social life, etc.), at least in the first few years. Such work demands are often viewed as a right of passage and great opportunities. Not surprisingly, few people stay in such positions long. From my experience, even fewer are happy with what they do.

I am still searching for that one position where I can be proud of what I do, make a good living and have the time needed to live a balanced life.Those that have found the secret will tell you that they have never worked a day in their life. They love what they do and happen to be paid well doing it. Why can’t I find something like that?


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