A New York Visit Redefined

My brother came to visit us a week after my wife and I moved to New York several years ago. We had literally just finished unpacking and settling into our new apartment when he arrived. We did not know the area and I was hesitant to drive out to JFK International Airport and pick him up. As part of his New York adventure, I thought I would make him take public transportation to get near our place and I would pick him up from there. After taking the red eye flight from Seattle, I forced him to take the A train from JFK into Manhattan (an adventure in itself) and then transfer to the uptown train that ran to the end of the line in the Bronx. Weary and unsure of where he was, I picked him up and brought him back to our place many hours after arriving in the City. His first experience in New York was good, but he was learning the city as I was, given that we had just moved to the area. We didn’t know the cool neighborhood parks, the great eateries and the history and the secrets of the City that tourists rarely discover.

Fast forward several years to this past weekend. My brother was in town for only the second time since we had moved here, again arriving on an overnight flight. This time, however, I made the early trip out to JFK to pick him up like I have so many other people since I made him take the train. I have learned that if you are unfamiliar with New York City, JFK is not the easiest of places to arrive, especially on little sleep. This time around I felt as if I was able to give my brother the full New York treatment. I took him to my favorite places in the City, we ate some great meals, I showed him some historical sites and places of interest (tailored, of course, to him) and I introduced him to some of my friends in the area. We even played basketball together for the first time in many years. Since I am hoping that this summer in New York will be my last, I am glad I could show my brother my New York and had a chance to redeem myself from his first visit several years earlier.


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  1. WHAT????!!! Last summer in NYC? This is terrible terrible news. Where’s Dan…must tell Dan. By the way – is your bro single cuz i have a really cute sister…remember? 🙂

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