The Streets of New York

Someone once mentioned to me that his favorite thing about New York City was that a day in the city became truly an adventure for each of your senses. He explained that unlike walking around other U.S. Cities, New York provides something for the eyes, ears, nose and reflexes. I have to agree.

Where else can you go and see what you see in NY, both the good and the bad? I have seen the heroic, the ignorant and the idiotic. If nothing else, New York is always ready to impress, from individual fashion to the downright dirty and everything in between, the streets of New York are a feast for the eyes.

Sound is also another sense that is constantly bombarded on the streets of New York. From the never-ending fire truck and police sirens to the hilarious things you’ll overhear as people walk by with their cell phones attached to their heads. You hear languages you recognize and some you don’t as people go about their daily business on the streets of the city. All types of music too loud for headphones waft in around you on the subway and on the crowded streets. Indeed, it is never quiet on the island of Manhattan. And after getting used to it, a truly quiet place is a bit unsettling at first.

One’s sense of smell is also tested on the streets of New York.  From the sweet smells of the roasted peanuts sold on the sidewalks to the pungent steam that drifts up from the grates and manhole covers, the City is certainly home to many smells. The smells from each location vary widely, from the back streets just south of Canal Street in Chinatown to the wide and well-manicured streets of Park Avenue. Like with so many other things in life, not every street is treated equally in this city.

New York City is also a suitable testing ground for one’s reflexes. When I can, I like to see how close I can cut corners and avoid traffic and people. Try walking quickly through throngs of people in midtown during rush hour and your reflex skills can’t help but improve. No where else in the world is such a treat, surprise or disaster for one’s senses and reflexive skills as New York City. Depending on who you are, you’ll love it or hate it. But at some point, somewhere, there is something here for you.


2 Responses

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. i totally agree – something for everyone at some point…i really do love this city. i didn’t always feel that way (flashback..intern year). but there’s a part of me that has become intertwined with all facets of this amazing vibrant city! 🙂 we wish you guys would just move into the city for one year…it would be so fun – think of hanna in central park on a daily basis. 🙂

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