Baseball in the Bronx

Last week I had the chance to attend the New York Yankees baseball game. Having grown up playing baseball, I enjoy watching the sport, although I don’t find myself watching a full nine innings until October. I follow it peripherally throughout the season, but when the playoffs come each fall I suddenly turn into a true fan. The game I attended last week was not particularly exciting, nor was it a critical game for the Yankees or their opponent, but it was memorable for the fact that it’s the final season in Yankee Stadium for the Bronx Bombers. I sat six rows behind the Yankee dugout on a beautiful summer evening and enjoyed the game with a colleague from work and one of our clients. Being so close to the field made the game much more exciting, despite having to stay more alert for foul balls. I was able to really observe the dueling pitchers and got a sense of the game that one doesn’t always have when watching from the nosebleed section (where all of my other MLB baseball experiences have been). It was a great time in a great city with great fans in one of the most recognized and famous venues in the country.


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