A New Beginning in New York

In the past few days I have been in New York, Newport, Rhode Island and Minneapolis. I had a decision to make and wanted to be as informed and thoughtful as I could, given that the decision will affect me and my family’s life and the direction my career will take for several years. After months of trying to move my family out of New York so that we could enjoy a life at a lower cost of living, the best opportunity that was presented ironically was for me to stay here in New York. This opportunity in New York fell into my lap, so to speak, and it came up because of someone I knew. Networking and letting people know that you’re looking to make a move definitely pays off, as I have now seen firsthand. I am happy to now say that I have done some soul searching and have concluded that transitioning to this new position would be better than staying where I’m at. And so here I am, coming up on five years since we moved to New York and we have now made the conscious decision to stay longer. I was convinced that our time in New York may soon be coming to an end. But on the other hand, it’s only beginning. At least the title of my blog will continue to make sense. More details on the new job will be coming, including my temporary move to Switzerland.


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