Dead to Them

I’m sitting in my almost-bare office with little work to do. It’s as if I am dead to my firm. Last week I gave my two-week notice and little by little the law firm has passed me by. I thought I was a part of a team and that by announcing unexpectedly that I was leaving for a new job I might be able to stir things up. In retrospect, I don’t know what I expected. Were the partners going to come by one-by-one to my office to ask why I was leaving or what was it about the firm that made me start looking for another job in the first place? Am I sure I was making the right move or what could we have done better? If I led the group those questions would have crossed my mine should a valued employee announce his or her departure. Instead, it appeared that my notice of departure created a feeling of relief for those at the top of the firm (yes, now we don’t have to fire one of the associates given that work has slowed down). This week I could probably roll into my office at 11:00 am and leave at 3:30 pm and no one would be the wiser. When I announced that I was leaving for another opportunity and a chance to take my career to the next level the history and work I had put in up to this point did not matter. I had died to them and life at the firm would go on.

Of course, I received the usual “congratulations” and proclamations of “good for you” and so on, but it would be nice to know that I will be missed. So far, I have yet to receive that feeling. When I walk out of here on Friday afternoon, I will walk away for good, likely to never see the office or the people again. In the past two years, there have been good times and frustrating times, but like with so much else in life, I have put in my time and am ready to move on. In going forward, however, I will keep my eye on this law firm (abbreviated as EMM) for I doubt it will look the same as it does now in five years. The way I see it, the firm will be forced to merge, cash out or collapse. Since giving notice the firm may have left me behind, but in a few years, time will pass this place by. I’m glad I saw the writing on the wall and left when I could.

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