Planning for Swizterland

So far, so good. I sit on the 39th floor in midtown and have a great view looking south over the island of Manhattan. This is my second day at my new job and while I am not sure what I am doing, I like the people, the environment and the work (from what I can tell). I am trying to learn the business and the systems and procedures. I am leaving on Monday evening to fly to Zurich to begin training for three weeks. I will then be back here in New York for a few more weeks before heading back to Switzerland for the remainder of the training. I wish, though, that I had the exact dates as it is becoming difficult to plan the next few months. I know when I am returning to New York, but have no idea when I’ll fly back to Switzerland for the remaining training. Will I be here on November 4 to vote? Will I be able to get an absentee ballot in time? Will I miss Thanksgiving in the U.S.? Will I know what I am supposed to do when I return to my office in New York? I hope I will have answers to all of these questions soon. But I may not. I will have to be flexible and take the changes as I go. Thankfully I like the job and the people enough that I am willing to be flexible and see where this position takes me.


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