Markets to Meetings

With all of the despair and uncertainty in the U.S. financial markets, it’s kind of nice to be here out of the country, unaffected. I hear from friends that New York is depressing right now. From this morning’s headlines, more carnage and consolidation is to come and no one’s job is safe. Thankfully I am now in a company where I hopefully don’t have to worry about losing my job anytime soon – or at least that’s what I’m told.

Which brings me to my new job. I like the people and the environment so far. It’s only been a few weeks since I started, but my overall impression is good. This is a company that cares about its people, is led by leaders with a vision, expects all employees to contribute to the business and to bringing in new deals and has big plans for growth. What I find interesting is that unlike a law firm where I often worked directly with the clients and the other lawyers, I am only one part of a well-oiled machine here at my new job, often not even on the front lines. There are many moving parts for each transaction that meetings are required to coordinate across departments and keep everyone on the same page and moving forward. Meetings were rare at my last job, somewhat to my frustration. But now much of my day is filled up with attending meetings. My Outlook inbox is full of meeting requests waiting for me to accept or decline. When someone here wants to do lunch with you, they send you a meeting request that is automatically added to your calendar so that a reminder pops up a few minutes prior to the meeting. Looking at other people’s calendars to try to find a time that works to schedule a meeting is common practice. But I don’t mind. I enjoy face time and working with other people. I just hope that I can learn enough in the meetings to know what I am supposed to do once I am out of the meetings.


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