On Zurich

I spent this past weekend in Zurich and enjoyed exploring the city. For being a fairly well-known global city, I thought that Zurich was surprisingly small. As of the end of last year, the official population of Zurich was listed at less than 400,000 people, a number that pales in comparison to most other global cities. Zurich was very clean and well organized, a Swiss attribute, and was proud of its wealth. From the luxury cars to the designer shopping available on every corner of the central business district, Zurich certainly is impressive. Of course, no Swiss city would be complete without a watch store at every turn, and Zurich is no exception. If you think that you have seen a fancy Rolex or two, it doesn’t compare to the style, design and luxury of a number of Swiss-made watches. Taking the train into the city is also a lesson in twenty-first century style and puts MTA’s Metro North to shame. Overall, the transportation infrastructure in Switzerland when compared to New York City really starts to make New York look like a second-world country (although I admit that NYC’s system is older and handles several times the volume of Zurich; in fact, there are more people on Manhattan on any given day than in all of Switzerland). Zurich is home to several global companies and a fairly cosmopolitan population, but in the end, its size would prevent me from wanting to be based there long term. Thankfully I’m not and will be returning to New York this Friday.


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