Two Years Later

It’s nice to be back in New York. While I didn’t grow up here, this certainly is home for me now. And with my new job, we’re here to stay for a while to come. That means that we’re back looking at homes for sale with the hopes that we can finally afford something in the third most expensive county in the country. There was a time earlier this year that I was ready to leave New York. I was ready to move to Seattle, Chicago or even Dallas, where the cost of living is much lower and real estate and taxes are affordable. But in looking for jobs, I didn’t have much luck, partly because of the job market and partly because of my background. In the end, the best opportunity that arose was for us to stay in good old expensive New York. And I’m still happy with that decision. I like my new company and think that there will be a place for me here for many years (assuming that the global economy doesn’t completely collapse, which after days like today, is not far fetched). Two years ago today I started my first job out of law school. Now, a short, but seemingly long two years later, I am at another company with new challenges, relationships, learning curves, opportunities and adventures. I just hope that my new position can take me the places and show me the opportunities that my last job couldn’t. Because the last thing I want to do in two years is have to look again.


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